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Article ID DHCP Knowledge Base Articles
298367 How to Monitor the DHCP Log File
282001 Event ID 1056 Is Logged After Installing DHCP
941464 Event ID 1046 may be logged when a Windows Server 2003-based DHCP server is running on a domain controller in a child domain
257579 PXE Clients do not receive an IP address from a DHCP server across a router
887357 You cannot delegate DHCP administration or WINS administration on a per-server basis when the DHCP service and the WINS service run on domain controllers
938134 After you restart the DHCP Server service, some DHCP options disappear on a Windows Server 2003-based DHCP server
927059 The DHCP service does not start when you start a Windows Server 2003-based computer
281626 How to use the Netsh utility to export and import DHCP scopes
928233 Windows Vista cannot obtain an IP address from certain routers or from certain non-Microsoft DHCP servers
953761 Some DHCP Options are not recognized on a Windows XP SP3-based client computer when the DHCP server offer includes option 43
232703 How to Use DHCP to Provide Routing and Remote Access Clients with Additional DHCP Options
303351 How to Use Netsh.exe to Authorize, Unauthorize and List DHCP Servers in Active Directory
298367 How to Monitor the DHCP Log File
313896 Wireless DHCP clients cannot obtain an IP address from the DHCP server in Windows XP
287031 DHCP Server Does Not Issue IP Leases After You Run Dhcpexim.exe
306925 After a new DHCP server is authorized, the original DHCP server becomes unauthorized and cannot be authorized again in Windows 2000 Server
268674 No DNS Name Resolution If DHCP Client Service Is Not Running
954416 A Windows Server 2008-based multi-homed DHCP server is not authorized in the DHCP MMC snap-in even though you authorized the DHCP server by using Server Manager