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Article ID Active Directory Knowledge Base Articles
232122 Performing offline defragmentation of the Active Directory database
909264 Naming conventions in Active Directory for computers, domains, sites, and OUs
816106 How to Verify an Active Directory Installation in Windows Server 2003
870695 Outdated Active Directory objects generate event ID 1988 in Windows Server 2003
241505 SRV Records Missing After Implementing Active Directory and Domain Name System
837932 Event ID 2108 and Event ID 1084 occur during inbound replication of Active Directory in Windows 2000 Server and in Windows Server 2003
942304 SPNs are not registered in an Active Directory site that includes only read-only domain controllers
936918 Error message when you use the Active Directory Installation Wizard to add a memberserver in a Windows Server 2003 SP1 domain:"The Directory Service cannot perform the requested operation because a domain rename operation is in progress"
838179 "Schema mismatch" error message occurs when you try to run the Active Directory Installation Wizard (Dcpromo.exe) in Windows Server 2003 or in Windows 2000
923977 Event ID 53258 is logged in Event Viewer after you install or remove Active Directory in Windows Server 2003
179442 How to configure a firewall for domains and trusts
216498 How to remove data in Active Directory after an unsuccessful domain controller demotion
980360 Update for the AD DS Best Practices Analyzer rules in Windows Server 2008 R2
840001 How to restore deleted user accounts and their group memberships in Active Directory
255504 Using Ntdsutil.exe to transfer or seize FSMO roles to a domain controller
947034 How to use unattended mode to install and remove Active Directory Domain Services on Windows Server 2008-based domain controllers.
244368 How to optimize Active Directory replication in a large network
198793 The Active Directory database garbage collection process
816103 How to use Portqry to troubleshoot Active Directory connectivity issues
224196 Restricting Active Directory replication traffic and client RPC traffic to a specific port
258062 Directory Services cannot start" error message when you start your Windows-based or SBS-based domain controller
2020053 How to troubleshoot Active Directory operations that fail with error 8614: "The Active Directory cannot replicate with this server because the time since the last replication with this server has exceeded the tombstone lifetime"
322244 How to Turn On Debug Logging of the Active Directory Users and Computers Snap-In
321051 How to enable LDAP over SSL with a third-party certification authority
2109222 The Active Directory validation test fails in a failover cluster in Windows Server 2008 R2 or in Windows Server 2008
978772 Description of support boundaries for Active Directory over NAT
232070 When you run Dcpromo.exe to create a replica domain controller, you receive the "Failed to modify the necessary properties for the machine account. Access is denied" error message
2253004 Active Directory Migration Tool v3.1
2002584 Unable to select DNS Server role when adding a domain controller into an existing Active Directory domain
2000939 DCPROMO fails with error "Access is denied" if the user performing the promotion is not granted the "trusted for delegation" user right
2001522 Password Reset Using Active Directory Users & Computers Fails with Error "The System cannot find the path specified
875495 How to detect and recover from a USN rollback in Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 R2
324949 Redirecting the users and computers containers in Active Directory domains